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Amazon AWS cloud, What is all the talk about?

With all the people talking about the Amazon AWS cloud, I had to figure it out and the best way to do that is to become a certified cloud person.  So I sat down and went through the training and took the test test to become a certified cloud practitioner.  I learned that Amazon has […] Read more»

North East Precision CNC

Implement SEO best practices into the existing website and manage website. Create & manage Google AdWords advertising campaigns. Updated website’s HTML to be responsive for tablets and cell phones (to avoid being penalized by Google) NorthEastPrecisionCNC.com Read more»

Website in Google penalty box Hartley Web Design can stop the punishment

Is your website being penalized everyday by Google?

Google announced that it was going to favor websites that are mobile friendly. Which means if your website is not mobile friendly to Google then you are being penalized everyday. To learn more about what is Google mobile friendly read my post “What is a Google mobile friendly website” and take the Google mobile friendly […] Read more»

Facebook business page is not enough

Why do I need a website, If I already have a facebook page?

If you only have a Facebook business page then your hurting your Google and Bing search results. I hear from customers that websites are expensive and they don’t want to constantly pay a website guy to do updates. They also want to make updates once and in an easy fashion. It is possible to dynamically […] Read more»

Hartley Web Design provides FL SEO Consultation for smartphones

What is a Google mobile friendly website?

The simple answer is can your website be read on a small mobile phone’s screen without zooming in? Are your fonts too small? Are your buttons too close together for people’s fingers? Is your website adjusting to show only small screen appropriate information? Why has Google made this change? Because Google says “phone and tablet […] Read more»

Color Logo for Google Hartley Web Design provides SEO Consultation for better Google Search Results

Google is penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly

Google has updated it’s search algorithm that gave mobile ready websites priority over non-mobile websites On April 22 2015, Google’s search engine update went into effect. This change gives websites that are mobile friendly a boost in ranking over non-mobile friendly sites. A mobile friendly site has a few minimum requirements including a minimum font […] Read more»

Do I need a website?

Google says “less then half of businesses have a website”. Having a website will put you ahead of your competition that doesn’t have a website. When customers are checking out a business / it is a website that forms that all important first impression. Help your customers find your business by adding a picture of […] Read more»

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