Why do I need a website, If I already have a facebook page?

Facebook business page is not enough

If you only have a Facebook business page then your hurting your Google and Bing search results.

I hear from customers that websites are expensive and they don’t want to constantly pay a website guy to do updates. They also want to make updates once and in an easy fashion.

It is possible to dynamically link your Facebook business page into your website. This will allow you to make all your updates on Facebook. By having a website you will increase your search results on Google and Bing. It will also give you the flexibility to present a better picture of your business. Another benefit is you can get your own .com domain name for your business which will allow you to have an email address that has your business name in it. For small businesses you can appear larger and there is also a secret benefit to having your own business domain name and that is it helps build customer trust of your business.

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