Building and Updating Websites


I am currently using either WordPress or HTML/CSS to build websites. Each of these have their pro’s and con’s depending on what you want your website to do, will usually point us to either of these 2 web design programs.

Here are the simplified differences between these programs:

Hartley Web Design uses WordPress to build websites
WordPress is used for clients that want to be able to add content to the website without the need to hire a web designer every time. For example weekly/monthly promotions, or other special info, or as a blog.

Hartley Web Design uses HTML 5 and CSS to build websites
HTML/CSS and the new HTML-5 is used for most websites and the new HTML-5 is for smaller screens like cell phones and tablets.

In building a website there are so many different types from basic to complex. I work on the basic and straight forward styled websites. One of the nice things about building your company’s first website is you can start simple and grow into complex later on. I recommend starting small and building your website’s foundation. You can always upgrade your website as much and as frequently as you need. The best part is all the foundation work will transfer to your new website without having to repeat any of it.

During our evaluation of your inquiry, I will be asking you certain questions such as:

    Will you be looking to make updates/changes?

For example, posting sale specials or limited time offers. If this is the case, then I would look to use WordPress or HTML as the underlining software has a user friendly interface that will allow you to make updates at no additional costs.

    Will you be looking for customers who view your website on their smart phone be able to call you immediately?

For this I would look to use the html for the “click to call” feature.

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