Amazon AWS cloud, What is all the talk about?

With all the people talking about the Amazon AWS cloud, I had to figure it out and the best way to do that is to become a certified cloud person.  So I sat down and went through the training and took the test test to become a certified cloud practitioner.  I learned that Amazon has built a huge offering of cloud services from small computer hosting to large scale clustering of huge computer power.  But they did not stop with the compute power and storage they also built multiple databases, AI, streaming applications for just about all kinds of company needs.  But this all comes at a cost and yes you only pay for what you need, you will need a lot to make this cost efficient for your company.

So in summary if you are looking to host a small static website then this is overkill.  But if you are planning on creating the next Zoom or Tik Tok application and need some heavy duty computer power behind the that application then AWS cloud is a must.



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