Website Review


Hartley Web Design will review your current websiteWe can do a review of your website, by being a second set of eyes for you.

Does it seem like your website is not pulling in enough new customers?

Are you wondering how your website stacks up?

Your website looks good but do you have a good foundation built under it?

We will build a report about your website and set up a meeting to review and explain the report with you.

What will we look into:

  • How does your site look (colors, text sizes, design…)
  • Does the site answer the basics question (Who, What, Where, How, Why)
  • Keywords (review and my suggestions)
  • Search Engine rankings (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Does your site maximize keyword placement
  • How does your Maps posting look
  • Review back-links to your site
  • Review directory listings for your company
  • Review social media references for your company
  • Summary and suggestions to improve your website
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