What is a Website Foundation?

Hartley Web Design SEO Foundation

Every website needs a good foundation which includes the following:

1. Mobile Friendly – Your website needs to transform itself for the smaller smart phone screens (Google insists on this)

2. Search Engine Registration of your website with the top Search Engines (Google and Bing)

3. Maps Registration – If your business has a location (store or office) then additional registration with the Mapping portion of the search engines so that your pointer will show up on the maps (Google Places, Bing Maps, MapQuest, and Yahoo Maps)

4. Keywords – the SEO or words your customers will use in searching to find your website

5. Review what Social Media sites are already saying about you and decide if you need a business page on them (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Reviews, Yelp, blogs)

6. Directory Back-Links – Finding other websites that have a listing for you and add your website’s web address so that customers and search engines can link back to your website (directories (Yellow Pages), company listing sites (manta, Chamber of Commerce), and any site that is already referencing your business)

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