Google is penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly

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Google has updated it’s search algorithm that gave mobile ready websites priority over non-mobile websites
On April 22 2015, Google’s search engine update went into effect. This change gives websites that are mobile friendly a boost in ranking over non-mobile friendly sites. A mobile friendly site has a few minimum requirements including a minimum font size of 16px and the website auto-adjusts itself for the smaller screen. So what is this auto-adjusting? The buzz word is responsive as it responds to the different size screens which customers may be viewing your website on. For example; shrinking pictures, moving menus from horizontal to vertical to allow the most important information to fit on a narrower screen that does not require the customer to pinch and zoom into read what’s on the page. In my experience company’s who are a B-to-C (Business to Customer) website are seeing an explosion in mobile customers visiting their websites. But company’s who are B-to-B (Business to Business) the stats show only a small (less than 10%) of visitors are using either their phones or tablets. So what should a B-B company do? Well as long as everyone does not upgrade their websites then all is the same, but if you want to get a boost over your competitors then its time to upgrade your website and jump ahead of those who procrastinate.

For more information please refer to Google’s Official Webmaster Central Blog, who posted the news in an article called: Finding more mobile-friendly search results

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