North East Precision CNC

Implement SEO best practices into the existing website and manage website. Create & manage Google AdWords advertising campaigns. Updated website’s HTML to be responsive for tablets and cell phones (to avoid being penalized by Google) Read more»

Hartley Web Design built the Blo Dry Boutique website

BloDry Boutiques

Built the website using WordPress, SEO, manage website, and hosting website. Chose WordPress so that the customer can make changes to website as often as they like. Read more»

Goodfellas Pizzeria

Redesign website and have it include dynamically updates from Facebook and Menus from Single Platform. Also SEO Consulting including having them added to Garmin’s GPS database and helped with the removal of previous owners web references. Read more»

StandUp Gardens

Repair/update website and e-commerce OpenCart, implement SEO best practices, and manage web hosting. Read more»

Hartley Web Design consulted with the Tick Store

Tick Store

Web Consulting to help setup the e-commerce website using hosting company’s website builder software and SEO updates. Read more»

Agility Mfg Inc.

SEO consulting to improve customers to find company website. Most dramatic improvement from Google page 30 to page 3 in less than a month. Read more»

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